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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC,                    93

The party consisted of Mrs. Ord and her
family, Messrs. Brandling, Ferrers, &c., and Fanny
and myself. The ladies came in carts to meet
the shooters, and dined in the fields. The present
owner's grandfather was an attorney at Newcastle,
and had a passion for hanging himself. The first
time he was cut down by his servant; the second
time the cord broke; but he accomplished his
purpose afterwards.

I returned for my harvest-home. The reapers
here dress up a sheaf of corn like a woman, and
carry it three times round the barn or the kitchen,

" Blest be the day that Christ was born!
Here's the mell o£ Harry Swinburne's corn."9

Then there is a large kairn supper, where the
master of the house used to sit at the head of the
table and have his health drunk.

I  send  you   my  inscription   on   my well   in

Mazzunti's walk:

Nympha loquitur.

Qui latices nostros, lucumque invisis opacum

Rit& loci dominum jubeas saluere priorem.

Die bona verba, precor—Quondam his errare viretis,

Floribus aut muris intentus, ut ille solebat,

Heul quoties vidi gaudentem rare paterno

Naiadibus vaga de saxo dare fraena, retortas

Per dumeta vias agere, aut arbuscula nudis9

Insertare jugis, gnatis querceta futura.

Defessus tandem delecta in valle quievit,